Recent Publications


  • Masaki Murata et al.: Personalized Text Formatting for E-mail Messages, 5th International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services, pp.459-468 (2012.5)
  • Yoshihide Kato et al.: Automatic Acquisition of Useful English Expressions Using Dependency Relations, Proceedings of the Joint International Symposium on Natural Language Processing and Agricultural Ontology Service 2011, pp.45-48 (2012.2) [PDF]
  • Shunsuke Kozawa et al.: Automatic Collection of Useful Phrases for English Academic Writing, Innovations in Intelligent Machines -2, Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 376, pp.45-59 (2012)


  • Shunsuke Kozawa et al.: Acquisition of Know-How Information from Web, AIRS2011, pp.446-457 (2011.12) [PDF]
  • Shunsuke Kozawa et al.: Advice Extraction from Web for Providing Prior Information Concerning Outdoor Activities, KES IIMSS 2011, pp.251-260 (2011.7) [PDF]

About us

In our laboratory, we are ingaged in reserch on natural language processing, proposing . We aim to develop new intelligence infrastructures using linguistic information as knowledge resources. We develop easy and fast access environments to large volume data of speech or documents and interaction with a machine using natural language.


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